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Life is abundance!

Lifefood is a Czech company that produces raw food – also called live food.

It was founded in 2006, in a time when the concept of raw food was virtually unknown.

Today, Lifefood is the world leader in organic rawfood production, the largest rawfood company in terms of the range of product lines and processes raw materials from diverse corners of the planet.

Lifefood products are made of the highest quality ingredients, really raw (produced below 46°C), full of essential nutrients and with exceptional taste profile and texture.

Lifefood products are loved by people from more than 30 countries all over the world.

Sensible eating

Schnitzer is a German company (founded in 1968), who’s owner was a co. founder of the wholesome food philosophy, known and respected as a pioneer in the food sector.

They are specialised in the production of cereals based organic healthy food for customers who are aware of healthy nutrition and wholesome food benefits, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Since 2000 Schnitzer has dedicated itself to sensitive eating with a focus on gluten free nutrition. Their products are developed especially for those who have to avoid food components for health reasons.

As it’s products are not only healthy, but incredibly tasteful, are desirable and irresistible not only for health awareness people, but also for food lovers.

Chocolate with character

Meybona is German company with nearly 100 years (founded in 1923) of tradition in chocolate manufacturing. Carefully selected ingredients, deluxe recipes, years of experience and great passion for chocolate is their formula for heavenly delicious organic chocolates.

It’s is one of only a very few companies that still produce the chocolate in the traditional way “from-bean-to-bar”. They roast a cocoa in-house and produce the cocoa mass on their own. Their expert chocolatiers ensure that the “conching” process takes 24 to 48 hours.

Strong and unique cocoa taste, delicate melt and a wide diversity of luscious flavours makes them different and convince chocolate lovers from all continents.

Italian condiment par excellence

De Nigris – a historical brand with a contemporary spirit. From passionate artisans from the lands of the Emilia-Romagna to the world known Italian condiment producer.

An incredible ability to be innovate while staying true to the ancient traditions of Balsamic vinegar. The guiding principle, which allowed them to consolidate the heritage over a period of more than 125 years.

Authentic, natural, versatile and creative, De Nigris products are an invitation to seek out new taste experiences. Because they inspire, exalting the flavours of dishes, enriching the recipes and bringing a spark of creativity to the kitchen.

Delicious and so easy to prepare

Starting as one of the first bio-dynamic farmers in Germany in 1932, three generations of Bauckhof family developed and established Bauck company  as one of the most important producers of organic and demeter products, where grain product portfolio has a special place.

They have been milling organic and bio-dynamic grain since 1969. All products are grown and produced in a small and friendly partnership in the natural reservat in North Germany.

The original stone mill is still in use, but over the last ten years  new modern, including gluten-free dedicated mill, have been added.

For all grain based food lovers, there should be no meal without Bauckhof  premium products.

We are nut!

Natural food is not just raw vegetable and fruits. It means delicious foodstuffs right from the nature, made from purely natural ingredients, without industrial balderdash. This is what Eisblümerl is about.

They love nuts and are passionately creative. They have been producing with their own recipes exiting organic premium products from nuts since 1998. From the very beginning in artisan production in Germany. They stand up for high quality ingredients, sustainable packing  and take care of the most careful roasting and grinding of the valuable raw materials.

They convince nut lovers from all over the world. To cook, bake, spread or just simply snack and enjoy.

Quality you can taste

Gandola family started their business in 1964 as a spreadable cream producer and strategically expand it in late 70s, when they took over a biscuits company and became a famous traditional Italian baker of delicious shortbread, biscuits and cookies as well.

As they deeply believe in the values of the organic world, they created L’albero del Bio, a portfolio of organic products that delights customers from worldwide.

Quality, taste, tradition, innovation and passion. A recipe of Gandola to be a key player in the confectionery industry.

Aromatic fresh taste from The Black forest

Some thing special out of the gluten free range  of Schnitzer is the liquid bread- Schnitzer brew. After a development time of two years Schnitzer could bring a beer on the market in 2006, which is free from gluten by nature and nevertheless as tasty as the original!

The millet beer is the perfect addition to every meal, to a barbecue evening or simply for  enjoyment  with its individual aromatic and fresh taste. Due to the process of millet as a main ingredient, Schnitzer brew is free of gluten by nature. There is no need for  enzymatic post-processing.

About Via Naturalis

VIA is a Latin word for path, way and NATURALIS stands for natural, pertaining to nature.

Via Naturalis is a wholesale distributor of certified organic and niche specialty food and related healthy lifestyle products.

We pride ourselves on finding innovative, unique and high quality product lines that will enable our wholesale partners to stay on trend and offer competitive alternatives to their customers.

We supply wholesale business customers including retail chains, health food stores, vitamin stores, cafes, specialty stores, pharmacies, petrol stations, vending machine operators.

Via Naturalis develops and maintains sustainable and ethical business practices and enjoys strong, win-win and long-term business relationships. With partners big and small, with vendors and customers.

Our professional team is passionate about real food and healthy living. Our forte lies in our network and in-depth understanding of organic food and healthy lifestyle industry.

best for human and nature

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